Library Endowment Incentive

On Thursday, December 9, Governor Dave Freudenthal congratulated Wyoming’s 23 county libraries for raising a cumulative $2.3 million in order to meet the incentive of the Public Library Endowment Challenge. Upon reaching this goal, each public library received $100,000 for their foundation. Freudenthal also stated that this endeavor has been remarkably successful and commended the libraries for working together. 

In 2008 the Wyoming State Legislature continued its commitment to Wyoming’s libraries with the Public Library Endowment Challenge Program. This bill provides an endowment of $9.1 million to the foundations of the state’s public libraries. An additional $3 million was appropriated by the legislature in 2010.

Weston County will receive three dollars for every dollar raised locally. Funds earned as interest from this endowment can be used by the library’s foundations for any purpose. If you would like more information concerning the Wyoming Libraries Endowment Challenge or would like to contribute, please contact one of the Weston County Foundation Board members listed at under the Weston County Library Foundation link.


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